Client Testimonials

You will feel safe and welcome with both Deidre and Mike! Deidre is a wealth of knowledge and won’t give up till she helps you find a solution to whatever health issues you may be experiencing. Great people too!

Julie M.

Roseville, CA

Great people you won’t be disappointed! Mike & Nutri D are great practitioners! They work hard to ensure the client receives the support they deserve!

Alexis M.

Sacramento, CA

So grateful for MPL groups/GetWellness. They are such healers. I’m so grateful for all their knowledge and services. I’m vibrant again. Thank you.

Melissa D.

Folsom, CA

I have been fighting liver disease for a year now, I was on pharmaceutical pills for a long time (that made me lose my appetite), none of those gave me the strength i need to fight my liver problems and detox my body. Until a friend introduced me to Mike and Deidre, this couple are awesome and have helped me through a lot, after giving me the perfect supplement to fight fatigue and nausea, doing ozone and colon therapy,advising on what to use and what to eat on a daily basis and much more, I can tell for sure I wouldn’t get here without the help from these guys and I am recommending them to everyone. If you care about your body and want to get back on track of a healthy diet and overall wellness, go see them ASAP.

Soroush H.

Citrus Heights, CA

This place was a phenomenal find. My wife and I decided to take our health and wellness to the next level… Mike and Deirdre made sure they got us there with not only knowledge, guidance and wisdom but also with the procedure. In a world where illness and sickness is “Fixed” with medications on top of medications, these two are a shining example of what health care should be! Do yourself a favor and do a little research, start making your health your #1 priority and come to MPL for a Hydro Colonic.

The days following my colonic, I felt rejuvenated, full of energy and no longer took mid day naps.

Here is a (tuned down) gross detail… before the procedure, they weighed me at 188 and immediately after they weighed me at 186. TWO POUNDS of you know what that was removed from my guts… that’s ridiculous. GO GET CLEANED OUT!

This visit will only be viewed as a pricey expense if your health and life longevity isn’t your #1 priority.

Michael O.

Roseville, CA

Deidre and Michael are amazing! I had gone to my doctor over and over trying to understand why I was so fatigued. Only Deidre figured it out and actually advocated for me with my doctor. I took charge of my health and wellness because of MPL. I’ve lost weight, and I’m steadily losing about 2 pounds a month and keeping it off. I have more energy. They have also helped all of my children. I can’t recommend Deidre and Michael more. Come to them with everything. They will find the most natural, helpful, and humane way to get you well!

Lynne R.

Roseville, CA

I was on a steady downward slope until a friend took me to see Deidre at the MPL Group GetWellness. I was depressed, gaining weight, various aches and pains, foggy and forgetful, constipated from various pharmaceuticals, more tired as each day passed. Doctors kept saying that I was ok. Nooo. Deidre began to treat me and educate me and encourage me. She is truly compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. The office is calm and inviting. It offers a wide variety of unique services. I began a journey to wellness. I have many answers to questions that I had that first day I reluctantly walked through the door. I smile more. I think more positively. I have more energy. I have much less pain. I am not foggy or confused nearly as much. I took a step forward and I have never looked back. I strongly encourage you to make an appointment. Talk to them. Look around. Be open. Take a step forward. Follow through.


Roseville, CA