Cassandra is a mother first and foremost. Her deep compassion makes her a genuine healer and she loves to share her gift with family, friends and patients.

Having left her home state of Minnesota at the age of 17 to travel around the world for many years studying integrative medical health systems, she settled into the Bay Area upon acceptance into the nation’s top TCM university, in 2004.

She graduated honorably in 2012, with a double masters in Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, and has had the immense good fortune of garnering advanced training from top doctors around the world via her university’s stellar reputation, including Orthopedic Acupuncture, Balance Method Acupuncture, Neuropuncture, Scalp Acupuncture for Stroke & Parkinson’s, Natural Fertility, and Mental Health.

In her free time while working towards her degree, she gathered advanced certificates in many different styles of massage (ie Thai, Cranio-Sacral, Shiatsu, Raindrop), energy therapy (Reiki, Master level) and also completed an externship in Hawaii, studying Permaculture with the renowned Bill Mollison.

Her daughter, Serena, is the jewel of her life! At 8 years young, she has wisdom far beyond her years, and has accompanied her mother on many a camping trip, often including miles of hiking that she willingly treks with a smile and a song.

They love to envision their future which includes acres of herb and veggie gardens, and fruit trees on sunny land with fresh water and cabins for many visitors.

Devout Christian yoginis, they greet each new day with a sun salutation and a prayer for peace. In her spare time, Cassandra loves to watch documentaries, to read all kinds of literature, (especially the latest research on acupuncture), to cook colorful meals, to ride bikes or take a jog with her daughter, to play in their garden, and to write code for her holistic health mobile applications.

Cassandra’s mission is to inspire passion for holistic health and natural healing. She is grateful to be doing such important work, and feels blessed to have been trained by the best physicians in her profession from around the globe.

She provides her patients with whole-body balancing and also coaches about healthier habits, the result being longer-lasting and eventually sustainable relief!

To learn more about Cassandra’s services, visit her website:  An Shen, OM

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